Watching the Weather: Jan. 17 rehearsal

From KCB’s president on Monday, January 16:

This is just a note to tell you (though you probably already know!) that there is some pretty bad weather predicted for tomorrow late afternoon/early evening for our area which includes the possibility of freezing rain, snow, etc.

At this point in time, it is a bit too early to cancel KCB practice altogether, but John wanted you to know that he is watching it closely and if we need to cancel band as time goes on and the weather situation can be a bit more precise, we will send out an “it’s ON” or “it’s OFF”, so just a note to watch your emails closely before heading out for practice tomorrow night in New London.  We don’t want anyone to risk coming out in horrible weather, nor do we want to have someone come to practice only to find that we cancelled it last minute.  We will aim for making the final decision as early as possible (probably tomorrow morning).  As it looks now, however, it might be a good night to stay home and we do have enough practices before our March concert to be able to afford that if need be.

If we cancel practice for tomorrow night, it will mean that we would have to make the conducting of a selection by the director search candidate to another evening (likely 1/24), but John will deal directly with that.

So, stay tuned and we’ll let you know whether band is ON or OFF tomorrow night as soon as possible.  Take care!


UPDATE: Rehearsal IS cancelled.

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